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Mothers Anthem will be in Dallas Tonight Friday July 25th at the Door...ALL AGES!!!

Mothers Anthem-10pm

Mothers Anthem in Ft Worth Saturday July 26th at the Aardvark...

Mothers Anthem-Midnight!!!

It's going to Rock!!!

Mothers Anthem Official MySpace

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17 July 2008 @ 01:32 pm
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Mothers Anthem Tonight at Antone's!!! Antone's 33rd Anniversary, hosted by Do512. com and with our good friends Ember, Nothing More, and The Ars Supernova.


Doors At 8pm!!!

Mothers Anthem-Midnight
Nothing More-10pm
The Ars Supernova-9pm

It's going to rock!!!

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Mother Anthem Official MySpace
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Shane who runs the Houston street team page took this video of Mothers Anthem Saturday at White Water in New Braunfels.

10 July 2008 @ 06:55 am
Mothers Anthem
is doing three shows in Louisiana!!!

Tonight in Monroe, Louisiana at The Blue Monkey Show Starts at 10:00 PM

Friday July 11 in Baton Rouge

And Saturday July 12 in Lake Charles

If you live in Louisiana or in East Texas some where.. Go catcha show!!!

There is an army of us Texans that are invading Louisana for a couple of these shows!!!

So... Louisana... Be.Ready!!

~~~Maevey xo

I got the chance to go see Mothers Anthem in New Braunfels at the White Water Venue on Saturday. It was kind of last minute opportunity. Those of the funnest kind sometimes.

The White Water venue is really nice the day was somewhat warm but not unbareble but it cooled of a lot as the evening progessed.

Mother Anthem went on about 8PM. It was really an amazing show. The guys looked so epic up there on the stage. With all the lights and smoke. The stage had a beautiful back drop of rich green lush trees. They really rocked New Braunfels. It was one of those shows that reminded you why you love this band so much. It was one of those really amazing shows where the energy just flowed. I was in in awe struck mode the how show. Kind of like the first time I saw them. Just totally blown away again. :)

One of the things I like doing best is taking photos of them rocking out. Here are some photos I got of them:

Photos behind the cut. Just click on it!!!

Hover mouse over photo. When window pops up click on the link to make them bigger... ;)

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19 June 2008 @ 12:47 pm

An evening with Mothers Anthem tonight at Speakeasy!!!

Mothers Anthem-10pm

This will be a first...

412 Congress Ave #D
Austin,Tx 78701

Go take a listen to them at their MySpace:
Mothers Anthem

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~~~Maeve xo
This was a truly amazing experience with the band. I took my two boys and then of course Autumn, Kim and Nessa were there. We hung together as a group pretty much.

The event was held inside a studio with seating for about 200. It was like a live concert just in a studio instead of a venue. It was a nice way to spend the evening with other fans that really love this band as much as you do. It was very intimate. The band enjoyed it just as much as we did.

It was really fun being part of this process and watching the band do what they do with their music. The whole event was recorded for a DVD of course.

Its hard to put into words how amazing this show was. They would come in all dramatic like with the theme music that they open their show with. The first song they ripped into was "Awaiting the Fall" They would record some songs over to try to get a better record of us. But none of us minded having to hear any of their songs over. That was one of the nice things about it.

They several new songs they we had not heard before. A song called Rising which I really liked. The last song they did was called Amaze Me. They did it three times. We did not mind at all. It is very beautiful and moving song. Kirk played piano.It was beautiful to see Kirk at the piano for that. Every time they played the song it was just as amazing and touching at the last. I believe at one point Kirk was moved to tears by hearing us all sing the chorus with him the end of the song. I teared up my self at that and just seeing him so moved.

One really beautiful moment during the evening was when they wanted to record us doing some clapping to the song "God Save The Queen" one of the bands crowning jewels. The audience started singing the chorus a capella. That was a touching and beautiful moment.

The whole eveing was like this private little world all to ourselves for about 4 hours. One of those evenings you just never want to end. It was just such a wonderful experience to have with the band. To have them share with us the whole process of what they do. I was so honored to be able to see that. Watching these musicians create and weave all their songs in the beautiful way they do. I love being immersed in their world like that and share it all with them.

I am so glad was able to be their to share it all with them and the other fans.

A big thank you Kirk, Zak, Jono, Julian and Drew. Thanks guys, Can't say it enough. It was amazing. And ya'll are so amazing too. We Love you guys so much.
~~~Maevey xo
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Mothers anthem Live tv performance and filming

You are personally invited on Saturday april 5th, 2008 at 4:00pm To be part of a very special event.

Mothers anthem are filming a live Performance “an evening with mothers anthem” in front of an Audience that we wish you to be part of. This will be a television type event and you will most definitely Be in the taping. Mothers anthem will be filming ten of their songs On april 5th…once edited on to a dvd, this performance will be Included in the upcoming Mothers Anthem package, that will also include the new, full 12 track cd that the guys are currently recording, plus two videos that will also be placed on the dvd.

The price for admission to the filming is only $20……..and for that you will
Definitely be receiving a “first off the press” copy of the Mothers anthem upcoming cd/dvd package, signed by all the guys in the band…..plus admission into the Filming event, where of course you will most probably be filmed, being a member of the audience.

There will also be water And soda provided to all the audience members. There is a strict 200 people only allowed in to the Filming on april 5th….so this is on a first come, first served basis.

You can purchase tickets online at :


by clicking on the red banner on the lefthand side of the front page...
hurry...very limited seating!~

The address of the event on Saturday april 5th is….

Music lab
500 e.saint elmo road
Austin, tx 78745
(512) 707-0560

Please arrive at 4:00pm…..the filming will start at 5:00pm sharp

There will be signs posted up, directing you to the
Correct studio.

Please make sure your correct mailing address is included With your check.

Your name will be on the guest list At the door of the
tV studio…and as soon as the mothers anthem cd/dvd
package is off the press, and signed by the guys,
you will be sent a copy.

Don..t forget…only 200 people will allowed to this filming
This is going to be really great evening….

…with a truly great band……
And a night that will be captured forever
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